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 House Rule

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PostSubject: House Rule   05/12/08, 09:32 am

Sample of House Rule:

Game Rules/ Rules of Engagement and Proper Conduct/ House Rules

1. All Members of Airsoft Games Club, Inc. outside the "Game Site" should never display or flaunt their Airsoft weapon in public or use it to intimidate or harm other persons or property at all times. It is also prohibited from utilizing it to consummate any criminal act under any circumstance.

- "Game Site" is the chosen area of activity consisting of the "Combat Zone" , "Neutral/Safe Zone" , "Test-Fire Area" , Dressing Rooms and other designated areas where proper rules and conduct are to be observed.
2. All Members are not allowed to wear full BDUs(Battle Dress Uniforms)before reaching the "Game Site" , and should limit to trousers and boots only. Dressing rooms will be designated at the "Game Site" .
3. All "Players" must be 18 years old or older.
4. All "Players" and "Umpires" must observe prudence and safety at all times and should not venture into areas or situations that are potentially dangerous and prone to accidents. Potential hazards found in the "Game Site" must be reported.

- "Player" refers to Member or Guest of Airsoft Games Club, Inc. who uses an Airsoft weapon and participates in the Club" s "Game" and is bound to follow its Rules of Engagement and Proper Conduct.

- "Umpire" is a person tasked by Airsoft Games Club, Inc. to conduct "Games" in an efficient and orderly manner, and is empowered to implement the Rules of Engagement and Proper Conduct and render initial judgment.
5. All "Players" and "Umpires" must wear adequate body protection during the "Game" and should strictly wear "Airsoft Regulated Eye Protection" gear at all times upon the call of "Mask-Down" till exit of the "Combat Zone" .

- "Airsoft Regulated Eye Protection" are face/eye gears that are manufactured specifically for playing Airsoft; altered or home-made mask/eye gears should be thoroughly checked and test-fired with a maximum allowable fps Airsoft gun at close-range for reliability.

- "Mask-down" is the call used by the "Umpire" that signals the imminent start of the "Game" .

- "Combat Zone" is a designated area with boundaries where the "Game" is played and Rules of Engagement are to be observed.
6. Observers/Spectators should wear proper eye protection/glasses.
7. Guns/weapons or ammunitions other than those manufactured by reputable companies for Airsoft use are strictly prohibited in the "Game Site" . Guns/weapons modified to fire Airsoft pellets are equally prohibited.
8. Airsoft pellets or ammunitions that are laced with harmful or irritating substances are strictly prohibited.
9. Maximum allowable BB weight is 0.25g. Muzzle Velocity or Chronometer reading must not exceed 450 ft./sec using 0.20 grams. Thus 1.88 joules of energy is the max.
10. Guns must be switched to "Safety Mode" at all times when outside the "Game" or "Test-fire Area" and should be secured from Spectators/Observers and civilians in the "Game Site"

- "Safety Mode" is a function of a Gun that disables it from firing or functioning when the trigger is pulled.
11. No fires of any kind are allowed on the "Combat Zone" . Intended smoke bombs and flares must pass a safety check by Airsoft Games Club, Inc. before use.
12. Knives and other edged/pointed instruments should only be used for utilitarian purposes and/or as accessory to the uniform worn by "Players" .
13. Liquor and Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in the "Game Site" , "Players" and "Umpires" under the influence of such substance are banned from playing.
14. Test-firing should be done only in designated "Test-Fire Areas" .

- "Test-fire Area" is the designated area in the "Game Site" where guns can be test-fired, tuned and checked for accuracy and range in the direction/line of fire where targets and dummies are placed.
15. All participating "Teams" should be in the designated starting point 5 min. before the "Game" starts.

- "Game" " is a period where the actual playing takes place and the only time when "Players" are allowed to maneuver, score points, eliminate and fire at other "Players" while following the Rules of Engagement.

- "Team" is a group of "Player" assigned and designated by ASG Club, Inc to play in a particular" Game" or event.
16. A long siren indicates the start and end of the "Game" .
17. "Honor System" should always be strictly observed.

- "Honor System" is the "Golden Rule" in Airsoft where good sportsmanship is to be highly observed. A "Hit" , obvious or not, should be acknowledged without being reminded by the Umpire.
18. A hit(s) from any "Player" , opponent or not, on any part of the body/uniform/gear of a "Player" is considered a "Hit" , penetrating shot(s) through any kind of cover is/are counted. Ricochet(s), hit(s) on the gun and descending shots mainly aided by gravity are the only exceptions for "Hit" .

- "Hit" is a situation wherein a "Player" is eliminated from the "Game" by acquiring a shot from another player or other modes. The shot may come from a teammate or an opponent and may or may not be intended for the recipient.
19. A "Hit" on a "Player" is automatically considered eliminated from the "Game" . All "Players" are required to clearly shout "Hit" when hit and should leave the "Combat Zone" immediately with their hand/gun raised in the air and mask-on till reaching the "Safe/Neutral Zone" . Firing back at opponents is strictly prohibited.

- "Safe/Neutral Zone" is a designated area that is safe from the range and line of fire of the "Combat Zone" and "Test-fire Area" .
20. "Blind-firing" is strictly prohibited.

- "Blind-firing" is the simultaneous act of intentionally firing a weapon from a covered or concealed position without amply aiming the weapon.
21. "Ask to Surrender" can be declared on a disadvantaged opponent when the proximity is less than 5 meters with no obstruction and the opponent is in a disadvantaged position and unaware of your presence. "Knife-Kill" can be declared on a disadvantaged and unobstructed opponent with a slight hand-tap on the opponents body. Opponents who fit into such situations should acknowledge the elimination and leave the "Game" immediately.
22. Holding on to an opponent, his/her gun, or any gear, accessory and equipment and other forms of physical contact are strictly prohibited.
23. All active "Players" are not allowed to grab on to objects such as plates, drums, wooden boards and other movable objects and move them to shield one" s self from "Hits" during the "Game" . Deliberately hiding behind "Umpires" , eliminated "Players" or persons other than those still active in the "Game" are not allowed.
24. Active "Players" are not allowed to fire at "Umpires" , eliminated "Players" or persons other than those still active in the "Game" and should report the presence of civilians in the "Combat Zone" .
25. All "Players" , "Umpires" and spectators are not allowed to hurl/throw any object or potential weapon at anyone during the "Game" .
26. Any "Player" who leaves the "Combat Zone" during the "Game" is considered out and eliminated from the "Game" .
27. All "Umpires" Observers/Spectators and eliminated "Players" are prohibited from giving hints, clues or instructions through any modes to other players that are still active in an on-going "Game" .
28. Thrash talk, rude and provocative remarks or gestures are not allowed during the "Game" . Active "Players" are not allowed to declare a fellow "Player" as "Hit" except during "Knife-kill" and "Ask to Surrender" situations.
29. The "Umpire" s" decision is final. Any complaints should be coursed through the "Umpire" or ASG Club, Inc. after the "Game" .
30. "Players" and "Teams" who violate any of the rules will be penalized accordingly. Airsoft Games Club, Inc. will not be liable for any injuries or damages incurred for violation of the Rules.

Drafted by Mr. Bowen Ong
ASG Council approved by 2003



1. Real guns, airguns or BB guns, firearms and alike aside from airsoft are prohibited in the playing field during game day.
2. All players, refs or marshals, and observers on the playing field must wear adequate eye protection at all times; facemasks, ear covers and body armor or pads are optional. No player will be allowed on the playing field without adequate eye protection. A player's eye protection must be put on before entering the playing field and must not be removed before leaving the playing field, even if the game is already over.
3. Minimum acceptable gear-equipment is eye protection. Goggles need to be able to with stand a point-blank shot to the lens from the based from the required muzzle velocity per game, without breaking or appearing severely damaged. If your eye protection is damaged, replace it.
4. If your eye protection gets fogged while you are playing, do not take it off! Try flapping it against your face, or if you have small fingers you might be able to get one in to wipe your lens clean. If none of these suggestions work, and you can't clear it any other way without removing your mask, call the nearest ref over to help you.
5. All new and modified guns on the playing field must pass a safety check by a Council member before it can be used on the playing field.
6. Maximum allowable BB weight is 0.25g. Muzzle Velocity or Chronometer reading must not exceed 450 fps using 0.20g BB but may defer through the respect or in recognition of other ASG Chapter's authority, knowledge, or judgment. Any gun shooting over the required Velocity must be de-tuned to meet this requirement before being allowed for use in the playing field.
7. Boots, long pants and a jacket are highly recommended. Knives and other edged/pointed instruments should only be used for utilitarian purposes and/or as accessory to the uniform worn by players.
8. If you want to use a smoke bomb, it must pass a check by a Council member and you must get the O.K. of the ref on duty before you may use it.
9. No illegal drugs or alcohol are allowed on the playing field. ANY breaking of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the game.
10. No fires of any kind are allowed on the playing field, i.e. a hibachi.
11. You must keep your guns and gear concealed anytime you are in the public view.


1. In the event of a non-player approaching the playing field, immediately yell out "hiker" loudly and clearly, stop shooting, stay where you are and put your gun(s) down.
2. If you hear someone else call "hiker", repeat the call, stop shooting, and stay where you are and put your gun down.
3. A lookout or ref will come over and explain to the person(s) who we are and what we are doing (in detail). Don't hesitate to tell them the basics, however, especially if they seem scared or a bit worried.
4. Do not in anyway try to hinder their passing. Do not even ask them to go in another direction.
5. There is no shooting permitted while a non-player is on the playing field.


1. All players are encourage to dress for play only when you get to the gamezone, not before. You may wear clothes that someone would normally wear on the street. For example, cammo pants and boots, or a jacket (but not both).
2. Be nice to the people who live near where we play. Do not do anything that would alarm them.
3. Do not tear up the foliage (plants) or do anything else detrimental or harmful to the area we play in.
4. There will be a designated area near the out zone where players can test fire their guns.

Game Play

1. If you are hit anywhere except the weapon you're using, you are out. This includes any extension of your body (backpacks, stuff sticking out from your mask etc...). A hit from a player's own team mate, or "Friendly Fire", also counts as an elimination.
2. Ref and observers, eliminated players should refrain from giving hints, clues or instructions to other players that are still active in an on-going game.
3. Ricochets don't count. However, penetrating shots are those passing through grass, bush, leaves or thin material used for cover, they are not considered ricochets even if their trajectories may be somewhat deflected. Instead, they are to be considered as direct hits if they make contact with the targets on the other side.
4. If you think you hit a player but they didn't acknowledge it, ask them "are you hit?" If they say "no" don't make a stink about it (resume firing).
5. If someone says they hit you, go ahead and call your self out. You can always play again in the next game.
6. When you are out, go to the neutral zone. While you are leaving the playing field, make sure to carry your gun over your head and call out "hit hit man coming out" continuously until you are off the playing field.
7. If you are sure someone is deliberately not taking hits, let the ref on duty know, not your opponent. Do not make a fuss about it.
8. Point-blank shooting is discouraged, but is still considered inevitable, ask them to surrender before you shoot them. If they surrender, they are out and do not shoot them. If they do not surrender, you may resume firing.
9. Holding on to an opponent, his/her gun, or equipment (grappling) is not allowed. Exception, however, would be light taps on any part of the opponent's body, gun and/or equipment. Such action will be considered as silent elimination or "Knife Kill" of particular opponent.
10. Stay in bounds while playing.
11. Players must not scatter from their starting points before the game starts. Unless a ref says you can.
12. No going back to the neutral zone to reload during a game. You must carry all of your tools, ammo, gas, batteries, etc... with you into the game. If you go out on the playing playing field, your considered out.
13. Listen to the refs, they are there to help make sure we have a good time.
14. The refs on duty may change some of the minor (non-safety) rules from game to game.


1. USE OF COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT. There will be no imposed restrictions on the use of radio/electronic communications equipment during the game. Provided, only active players in a game will be allowed to communicate with each other. Anybody found to be relaying strategic and tactical information to players inside the playing field will be considered a combatant and may be shot or eliminated. Observer spies will not be tolerated.
2. REF'S DECISION IS FINAL! Rightly or wrongly, the arbiter's call is final. His/her responsibility is to oversee the general conduct and safety of the game, player adherence to the rules and smooth flow of game action unhampered by time wasting arguments.
3. Women and girls are to be treated as equal to men and boys. And as such, are entitled to all the courtesies and signs of respect due any other player in or out of the playing field. Avoid the use of foul language, display of condescending attitudes and excessively rough behavior.
4. Respect the rules. It is there to make sure we all have fun. Failure to follow the rules listed above will result in a warning, to being called out in a game, or being expelled from Airsoft Games Club.
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House Rule
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